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    Spring and Fall Black Bear hunting is our specialty. We can handle up to 6 hunters per week. Hunts are conducted out of safe, permanent tree stands overlooking fresh bait. Our Spring Bear season runs from late April through mid June, and our fall season runs from early September through mid October. Our land has a high concentration of bears, and you can usually plan on seeing several bears during a 6 day hunt. Your bear license is also valid for coyote hunting. However, after you've shot your bear New Brunswick law prohibits you from being afield with a rifle larger than .23 caliber so plan ahead and bring a varmint rifle for after you've tagged your bear!

    A typical day of hunting fall black bear begins with a big breakfast and planning the afternoon hunt. After spending the morning fishing, relaxing, or maybe even visiting some of the stands you'll enjoy a nice lunch and get ready for the days hunt. You'll head out to the stands around 2:00 in the afternoon.  Be prepared to sit in the stand for six to eight hours at a time watching and listening for any sign of a black bear. You will need to wear full camouflage (blaze-orange is not required in the spring but is needed in the fall - see below), including a face-net and gloves, and be very mindful of both noise and scent. The habitat is very swampy and thick in places, so make sure to have a good pair of waterproof boots. Also be sure to bring something such as a good bug-suit or some bug spray to help combat the mosquitoes and black flies. A Thermacell bug repellant is an excellent tool to bring with you.  A rifle of at least .270 caliber or larger is strongly recommended for bear hunting. Your guide will pick you up about 1/2 hour after dark.

    In New Brunswick, all non-residents are required to hunt with a licensed guide.  New Brunswick has a draw system for black bear tags, but if you hunt with King's Lodge you do not need to enter the draw. Wally is a licensed guide and he can purchase the bear tags directly from the Fish and Wildlife office when you arrive for your hunt. The cost of a bear license, which is good for either spring or fall, is $184.19 (Canadian). Hunters must be at least 16 years of age to hunt black bear.  All hunters born on or after January 1, 1981 must show proof of a Firearms Safety/Hunter Education course. Hunters born prior to 1981 may show a previous hunting license from your home state as proof of hunting experience.

2013 Fall bear hunts and 2014 Spring hunts are now being booked!!!
Call or e-mail us for booking!!!


   As another big benefit of our spring and fall bear hunts, after you bag your bruin, we will treat you to some excellent rainbow and brook trout fishing. This guided fishing is provided at no additional cost to you (except license cost), so be sure to bring your rod when you book a bear hunt with us !!!



    New Brunswick also has a solid deer population. The size of our deer is also impressive, many of our mature bucks have a body weight of 200 -250 lbs. Our hunts are conducted by a combination of hunting out of permanent tree stands as well as spot and stalking. The archery deer season runs from October 1, 2012 to November 17th and our firearm deer season runs from October 22, 2012 until November 17th. Non-resident deer license cost is $206.79 (Canadian)

2013 archery and firearm deer hunts are available so call now to book your hunt!!


     New Brunswick has a very abundant Moose population. Our moose season is 3 days in late September. In 2012, the dates are Thursday 9/27, Friday 9/28, and Saturday 9/29. Hunting method will be a combination of walking, spotting, stalking, and calling. Our moose hunts are 1 X 1 guided hunts and our success rates are excellent.  If you've been lucky enough to draw a 2012 Moose license, call us to book your hunt!!! 


New Brunswick Moose Hunting Non-Resident Fact Sheet

Non-Resident Moose Hunting in New Brunswick


    All hunting packages and prices include home cooked family style meals, guide, and field dressing and skinning of all game.  We can arrange butchering of your game at a very reasonable additional charge and we can also refer you to an excellent local taxidermist.

Important General
Hunting Information

    All hunters entering Canada with firearms are required to register those firearms at the border with Canadian Customs. It is highly recommended that you fill out the proper form (909)  from the Canadian government in triplicate prior to your arrival at the border.

     All firearms must be transported in a case while in or on a vehicle. We strongly recommend that you bring a soft case for transporting your firearm to your stand.

    Additionally, all hunters should review the types of firearms allowed for hunting in Canada. Generally most bolt, pump, semi-auto, and lever action rifles are legal, however "military-style" rifles such as AR-15 or AK type rifles are NOT legal for hunting in Canada.

No handguns are permitted for hunting in Canada and handguns may not be legally transported into Canada.

The following links are helpful. Call us for further assistance.


2013 New Brunswick Hunting Info Book (.pdf)  

Non-Resident Firearms Declaration Form 909 (.pdf)

Canadian Firearms Laws FAQ

Hunter Orange Clothing
From Sept. 1 to Dec. 31, the following people must wear a solid fluorescent hunter orange jacket or vest and a hat of solid fluorescent hunter orange:
Fur harvesters carrying a firearm.
Licensed guides (while guiding hunters).
Jackets, vests and hats must be visible from all


2012/2013 Hunting Times Shooting Hours (.pdf)

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